WEEK 13: Artist Conversation- Shahrzad Ahrar

IMG_2294In the Dennis W. Dutzi gallery, Shahrzad Ahrar work was displayed throughout the gallery. Her display was called “wake”. Her work told many stories and many lives. The gallery walls were covered in different pattern wallpaper. She used adhesive fabric so it can stick on the wall.On each wall there was a button you can press to lean in and listen to the story behind the wall. she also used a Kaleidoscope and pot to put objects in them.

The concept of her work was immigration and extreme feelings towards immigration.She interviewed four immigrates and turned their responses into project. Each object was a different person. Ali is the Kaleidoscope. Sarah is the live box and The wallpaper is Omar. She wants her audience to relate to her work and share experiences. These different stories from different people have a connection. They all wanted a better future for their families.


I personally can relate to this gallery because my parents are immigrates. Luckily my mom was able to get her citizenship. Knowing my mom’s story has open my heart to other immigrate stories. It is never easy to leave everything behind just to come to the U.S., but it is worth it. My mom had to leave her family behind at the age of 16 just so she can make money to send to Mexico for her brothers and sisters. Immigrates live very rough lives, but they have always been the strongest people I know.

I believe more people need to visit her exhibit because it really wakes you up. Some people are very close minded about immigration, but I think this type of art can open people’s hearts. Her gallery was very inspiring and eye opening.

Sadly she had no website:(


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