WEEK 11: Artist Conversation- Katherine Yoon

IMG_2173  In the Dr. Maxine Merlino gallery, Katherine Yoon’s work was displayed for her audience to admire and view her incredible work. Right when entering the gallery, your eyes are automatically drawn to the floor, since her art pieces were displayed on the floor. This was different because we got to see her art work from a different angle.


Her art pieces were small ceramic dolls with button eyes. I loved how they seemed so animated and alive. she used shapes such as spheres, triangles, ovals,and rectangles. These shapes helped form the shape of the figure. She didn’t use much color in her work, because she wanted her audience to concentrate on the highlights. Yoon used colors like, red, white, and black. The materials she used was ceramic and tissue paper.


Yoon is a ceramics major and is 27 years old. She loves Tim Burton’s work, which wasn’t a surprise since her work did remind me of a Tim Burton’s film called “Caroline”. “Caroline” is one of my favorite films of Tim Burton, so I immediately fell in love with her work. Her work is inspired by people around her and how she sees them. These figures resembled her life experiences. She wants her audience to feel like they can relate to the figures. Yoon mention if people could relate to them then she would feel accomplished. Each piece took her about 2 to 3 weeks to make.

IMG_2170I really enjoyed her work because it reminded me of “Caroline”. I wanted to take one home. CSULB needs to open an Art gallery shop where artists are able to sell their work if they like. Her gallery really showed her love for illustration and anime.

Follow her IG: KathyCyoon

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