This week we got to go on a scavenger hunt and look for some goodies. When I first heard about this assignment I was quiet scared because I didn’t think you can rely on this app. Since I didn’t feel safe on my own me and Brianna went together. We chose to find a geocahe on campus because we had time to spare and it was the quickest way to do it together. I turned on the geocaching app and found several close by. Once we chose which one we wanted to go to we started walking towards it. We had to cross the street to find the object. When we crossed the street we looked all around to see if we could find the hidden object.

IMG_2099All we found was a glove and a screwdriver. It was strange. I looked at the reviews and they mention that there was a catalog book where you could write your name but it got wet. We couldn’t find anything. I decided to hide my little box full of stuff there so that way there would be actually stuff to exchange. This assignment was entertaining but I still don’t feel like I can really rely on the app.

IMG_2102 IMG_2101 IMG_2098

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