WEEK 10: Artist conversation= Matthew Dumpit

IMG_2087In the Dennis W. Dutzy Gallery, Matthew Dumpit’s worked was displayed around the room. He used dim lighting to cast shadows of his work. This made his art pieces stand out more to the audience. It also enhanced the experience.

Matthew used 19 gage steel wire to make these kinematics pieces. We were able to make them move manually by turing the wire on the side. There were many shapes in his art work, such as circles, rectangles,ovals, and triangles. The chair was made out of walted wire. If you would look at the shadow the chair was casting it looked like an ant colony grouped together to form a chair. It gave off an eery vibe, but hey its almost halloween. IMG_2089

Mathew is a senior at csulb. He mention that being an artist is the only thing he’s good at,which I found funny. I am sure he is good at many other things. He is interested in mechanics and motion. Since we were able to move the art pieces, the artist wanted us to experience our own emotion of movement.

 IMG_2092 IMG_2091

I really enjoyed his exhibition because we were able to interact with his work. I was able to turn the wire and make the object move. I felt like a child playing with a new toy. I also liked the whole concept of shadows, because I feel like it made his work stand out more to me. I was very fascinated by the movements of the objects. I wish I could make my own to play with it.

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