WEEK 13: Artist Conversation- Shahrzad Ahrar

IMG_2294In the Dennis W. Dutzi gallery, Shahrzad Ahrar work was displayed throughout the gallery. Her display was called “wake”. Her work told many stories and many lives. The gallery walls were covered in different pattern wallpaper. She used adhesive fabric so it can stick on the wall.On each wall there was a button you can press to lean in and listen to the story behind the wall. she also used a Kaleidoscope and pot to put objects in them.

The concept of her work was immigration and extreme feelings towards immigration.She interviewed four immigrates and turned their responses into project. Each object was a different person. Ali is the Kaleidoscope. Sarah is the live box and The wallpaper is Omar. She wants her audience to relate to her work and share experiences. These different stories from different people have a connection. They all wanted a better future for their families.


I personally can relate to this gallery because my parents are immigrates. Luckily my mom was able to get her citizenship. Knowing my mom’s story has open my heart to other immigrate stories. It is never easy to leave everything behind just to come to the U.S., but it is worth it. My mom had to leave her family behind at the age of 16 just so she can make money to send to Mexico for her brothers and sisters. Immigrates live very rough lives, but they have always been the strongest people I know.

I believe more people need to visit her exhibit because it really wakes you up. Some people are very close minded about immigration, but I think this type of art can open people’s hearts. Her gallery was very inspiring and eye opening.

Sadly she had no website:(


WEEK 13: Classmate Conversation- Caroline De La Torre Vallejo

This week I got to meet Caroline. She is from Compton and attended Dominguez high school. In high school she played softball for two years. She is a licensed nurse assistant. She is majoring in pre-kinesology but hopes to change it to nursing. Her hobbies are sleeping,watching Netflix, and hangout with friends.She explained to me why her last name is so long. Her parents are from Mexico, so they wanted to name their child with both parents last names like they do in Mexico. She claims, “My definition of art has not really changed but the way I look at art has. At first art was something pretty to look at but now I look at a deeper meaning. Try to understand the message the artist are trying to convey”.


WEEK 12: Artist Conversation- Christopher Linquata

image3In the Max L. Gatov Gallery west, Christopher Linquata work was displayed throughout the exhibit. Sadly the other artist, Mike Kent, who was sharing the gallery space wasn’t there. You could see the stories the paints were trying to tell through the colors and figures. They looked very realistic and relatable.

His paintings involved a lot of people. The graffiti was very interesting because it was like looking at art within art. He used lots of  realistic colors.He used acrylic paint because it dries faster that oil.  His paintings look like a movie on pause mode. It was very interesting to see how he painted himself within the paintings. I feel like the artist painted himself in the paintings because it would add meaning to his art and representation of who he is.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.48.54 PMHe is 38 years old and is majoring in representational drawing and painting. He is currently finishing his last semester here in CSULB. WOHOO! His paintings have shown me how awesome it would be to have a paintings of moment in my life. Just by looking at his paintings you can tell how he worked hard on them. It tooled them about 10 months. Just by the first month I would have given up. I found it no surprise when he told us he painted a mural at the Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.49.23 PMI really enjoyed looking at his paintings because they seemed so real. It felt like I could just jump into the painting and join those who were in the painting. The people in the paintings seem like they are having a good time and enjoying life. I will one day visit that place the artist painted called Sunken city. I think I have been there but I’m not sure if it’s the same place. I found it so special because he painted his wife and son. I feel like this adds even more value to his art. If only someone would paint me.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.49.07 PMChris’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/icon5350/

WEEK 12: Classmate Conversation- Miguel Lopez

This week I got to meet Miguel Lopez. He is sophomore and is majoring in mechanical engineering. His hobbies are playing soccer, hanging with fiends, and playing instruments. He has a cat name Dusty and a dog named Shadow. He mentioned how he is more of a dog person. I sometimes wish I had a cat, but for now I’m stuck with my dog and bird. This week’s question was What color activates you and what color calms you down? He replied, “The color green calms me because it reminds me of life and nature and the color red activates me because it reminds me of activities”.


Click on his Pic to visit his page!


It has come down to the last activity for this  class. This week’s activity was to build our eportfolio in our website. Ever since we create our website I never knew how to fix my page, so I struggled. I decided to create photography page I would post my pictures I have taken. I really like how it looks when you scroll down the pictures. This made me realize how much I love taking photos. I need start taking pictures again. I haven’t had much time to go out and photograph stuff. Since I didn’t know how add more stuff to my page I decide to remove stuff on my page that it wasn’t necessary. I was clicking around trying to figure out how make my website more entertaining. I need like a step by step tutorial. What I did was change my theme of my page because I got bored of my other theme. I really like my page because its shows what I have been up too and what I love to do. I hope my classmates can scroll by and check out my page. I am definitely planning on keeping my page up. I remember doing a website for my freshmen year in high school and I wasn’t able to look back at page because I didn’t know my website link. It would have been cool to look by and see my work back then.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.51.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.52.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 9.53.07 PM

WEEK 11: Activity- Fiber Art

IMG_2186 IMG_2194

This week’s activity we got to create fabric pieces to hang on our walls. Since I don’t really know how to sew I decided to use glue and other fabric piece to hold my art piece together. What I decided to do was get an old tank top and rip it into various vertical pieces. After I would take three pieces at a time and braid them down. I repeated the process several times to get as many as I could. I was inspired by my own hair because the day the project was mentioned I had a braid in my hair. I thought it would look cool to have hanging braids. The only thing I wish I had was tie dye so I could of added a unique color to the braids. Maybe for my next project if I decide to do this again.

WEEK 11: Artist Conversation- Katherine Yoon

IMG_2173  In the Dr. Maxine Merlino gallery, Katherine Yoon’s work was displayed for her audience to admire and view her incredible work. Right when entering the gallery, your eyes are automatically drawn to the floor, since her art pieces were displayed on the floor. This was different because we got to see her art work from a different angle.


Her art pieces were small ceramic dolls with button eyes. I loved how they seemed so animated and alive. she used shapes such as spheres, triangles, ovals,and rectangles. These shapes helped form the shape of the figure. She didn’t use much color in her work, because she wanted her audience to concentrate on the highlights. Yoon used colors like, red, white, and black. The materials she used was ceramic and tissue paper.


Yoon is a ceramics major and is 27 years old. She loves Tim Burton’s work, which wasn’t a surprise since her work did remind me of a Tim Burton’s film called “Caroline”. “Caroline” is one of my favorite films of Tim Burton, so I immediately fell in love with her work. Her work is inspired by people around her and how she sees them. These figures resembled her life experiences. She wants her audience to feel like they can relate to the figures. Yoon mention if people could relate to them then she would feel accomplished. Each piece took her about 2 to 3 weeks to make.

IMG_2170I really enjoyed her work because it reminded me of “Caroline”. I wanted to take one home. CSULB needs to open an Art gallery shop where artists are able to sell their work if they like. Her gallery really showed her love for illustration and anime.

Follow her IG: KathyCyoon

WEEK 11: Classmate Conversation – Jonathan Juarez

This week I met Jonathan Juarez. He is from Huntington park and currently lives in Compton. He is 19 and is in his second year. His major is accounting, since he likes to work with numbers. He likes playing soccer, playing Fifa, and hanging out with friends. This week’s question was, “Are tattoos considered art?Does it matter if your involved in designing a unique tattoo for yourself,or pick one from the book?What tattoo would you get?” His response was, “I totally agree that tattoos are art. It wouldn’t matter to me if I designed my own tattoo or picked one from a book. If I ever get a tattoo, I would get a sleeve tattoo that includes my parent’s names and God’s face”.


Click on his Pic to visit his page:)


This week we got to go on a scavenger hunt and look for some goodies. When I first heard about this assignment I was quiet scared because I didn’t think you can rely on this app. Since I didn’t feel safe on my own me and Brianna went together. We chose to find a geocahe on campus because we had time to spare and it was the quickest way to do it together. I turned on the geocaching app and found several close by. Once we chose which one we wanted to go to we started walking towards it. We had to cross the street to find the object. When we crossed the street we looked all around to see if we could find the hidden object.

IMG_2099All we found was a glove and a screwdriver. It was strange. I looked at the reviews and they mention that there was a catalog book where you could write your name but it got wet. We couldn’t find anything. I decided to hide my little box full of stuff there so that way there would be actually stuff to exchange. This assignment was entertaining but I still don’t feel like I can really rely on the app.

IMG_2102 IMG_2101 IMG_2098

WEEK 10: Artist conversation= Matthew Dumpit

IMG_2087In the Dennis W. Dutzy Gallery, Matthew Dumpit’s worked was displayed around the room. He used dim lighting to cast shadows of his work. This made his art pieces stand out more to the audience. It also enhanced the experience.

Matthew used 19 gage steel wire to make these kinematics pieces. We were able to make them move manually by turing the wire on the side. There were many shapes in his art work, such as circles, rectangles,ovals, and triangles. The chair was made out of walted wire. If you would look at the shadow the chair was casting it looked like an ant colony grouped together to form a chair. It gave off an eery vibe, but hey its almost halloween. IMG_2089

Mathew is a senior at csulb. He mention that being an artist is the only thing he’s good at,which I found funny. I am sure he is good at many other things. He is interested in mechanics and motion. Since we were able to move the art pieces, the artist wanted us to experience our own emotion of movement.

 IMG_2092 IMG_2091

I really enjoyed his exhibition because we were able to interact with his work. I was able to turn the wire and make the object move. I felt like a child playing with a new toy. I also liked the whole concept of shadows, because I feel like it made his work stand out more to me. I was very fascinated by the movements of the objects. I wish I could make my own to play with it.