WEEK 7: Activity- Ephemeral art

This week’s activity involved Snapchat. I personally love using snapchat,so this was a fun activate for me. I usually only use snapchat with close friends,because I don’t like to give out my snapchat to people who I don’t know. I believe that snapchat is a way of staying updated with what your friends are doing. I took a picture of myself using the the new features on snapchat . I drew a medal on myself because I like to believe that I’m the number one snapchatter, which I doubt. I also took a picture of my dog with cookies and a glass of milk because who doesn’t love cookies. I love cookies and so does my dog. I usually buy my dog cookies from Petco. Snapchat,Instagram, and Perisocpe are similar because they are apps used to socialize with the world and connect out ideas. They are different, because we use them for different purposes. Snapchat is more about being silly and sharing life by the minute. Instagram is more of a profolio of your life and how you want people to see you. Periscope is about blogging about anything you like and connecting with your viewers who are watching you live. I preferred this app rather than periscope and Instagram, because it is so simple to use. Team snapchat!


I also drew this squirrel

IMG_1985 IMG_1987


Classmate snapchat pic


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