WEEK 6- Artist Conversation~Sery Kwon

image3    This week at the Max L. Gatov Gallery East, Sery Kwon paintings were displayed of the right side of the wall. The first thing I notice about the art on the walls was color. The reason why I chose to write about Kwon’s pieces was because the bright color she used in her paintings. I was immediately attracted  to the neon pink color in one of her paintings since pink is my favorite color.


In her paintings she used a lot of lines and squares to create the form of a geographic map. I notice there was a lot of splash marks and swirls. She used acrylic paint and rice paper to create her paintings. Her paintings are based on maps. Also her paintings were based off experiences, so she her viewers to feel how she felt at that moment.

 She is 23 and is majoring in drawing and painting. This is her last semester and still wants to continue painting and displaying her art at art shows. she is also looking forward to teaching her own class. Her favorite colors are coral and purple, because it makes her happy and she just loves how bright radiant they are. This is why she is inspired by saturated color.

When I first looked at her paintings I was amazed. I couldn’t make out a map out it,but my eyes were still caught from the colors. The colors made her work stand out. You could really tell how hard she worked on her paintings

Follow her: https://instagram.com/seryberry55/

Check out her website: http://serykwon.weebly.com/


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