WEEK 6- Activity~ Periscope

This week I got to try a new app called periscope. I have heard of this app before but never planned to use it. I decide to watch 3 global periscopers, which one of them I came across of was one of my classmates. I knew he was my classmate because he mention that he had to periscope for one of his classes. I also periscoped for 15 mins at Pieology. I found it to be really fun because people were able to interact with me. I would read what people would ask me and answer their questions. For example someone asked what time does Pieology close and what is Pieology. Although it can sometimes get quiet and awkward because you don’t know what to do I was still able to pull through and continue broadcasting. I was also able to periscope at Micheals for 20 mins. People seem to pop in and out of my periscope. The max viewers I got all at once were 15. The total views I had were 60.  Not bad right ? At least I had some people viewing my broadcast. I will continue using this app and see how far I can go with this. YAY for new apps!

image1 image2


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