WEEK 9: Activity- Transmedia Storytelling

IMG_2066For this week’s activity we had to create characters and a story. I partnered up with Brianna Lopez. We created characters who were siblings and lived in Paris. My character’s name is Pierre and his sister’s name is Alizee. They are from the 1950s. Since they grew up in a chaotic home, where their parents didn’t care much for them, they decided to run away from home. When they ran away from home Pierre was 18 when he ran away from home. He had to take responsibility for his sister who was 16 at the time. They had no where else to go so they had to stay in the streets. Pierre and Alizee had talent so they used their talent to use. Pierre knew how to play the guitar and Alizee knew how to sing. They sang in subways and at tourist attractions. One day an music agent who was on his vacation came across Pierre and Alizee. He was astonished by their story and their talent  that he decided to sign them to his label. They created their band called the crooks.Three years later after they became a success they find me and Brianna. How is that? Well Brianna and I go on a trip to Paris and during our trip we come across a poster of the krooks. We had no clue who they were.

IMG_2067As we stared at the poster closely we immediately got teleported to the 1950s. Brianna and I were confused and scared because we did not have any Idea what was going on. As we looked around we saw a big banner that said that the krooks were playing tonight(June 12). Before their concert, Alizee and Pierre found us. They knew we weren’t from their world, so they approached us. They knew that one day they would come across two individuals from the future(in this case it was me and Brianna). The reason for this is because in the future people slowly began to lose respect and love for the 1950s & 60s music. They helped us fit in by dressing up in 1950s clothing. We went to their concert and had a blast. We didn’t know how much fun it was going to be. The crowd was energetic and happy. After the concert Pierre and Alizee told us their story of their childhood. They made us realized that not everyone has a perfect life growing up. We told them about the future and how the music has developed over the time. We sang them a song to see their reactions and they quite shocked. It was very different to them so they didn’t really know what to think of it. I promised myself to always have a special place in my heart for the music of 1950s and 60s. Pierre and Alizee took us with his friend who was an expert at teleporting. He been working on a project for a really long time now and has kept it to himself because he didn’t want the FBI coming around asking questions. We said goodbye to Pierre and Alizee and we thank them for showing us a good time. We will always remember Pierre and Alizee.




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WEEK 9 : Artist Conversation- Juan Martin


In the Gatov East gallery, Juan Martin art pieces were displayed. There were only about three pieces he had on display, but they were big enough to fill the room.

Juan’s three pieces were, a cube, a deer, and a man body sculpture. I really liked the man body sculpture because it reminded me of the activity we did week 1. You could see the rough texture of the ceramic. You could also see muscles and strong legs giving a resemblance of a manly figure. The deer piece was fascinating because on one half it looks like a regular deer and the other half it looked mechanical.I was surprised that it was made out of foam. The deer piece would be something I would want to have in my house. Lastly there was the big giant cube wrapped in plastic wrap. It seem that as if there was something inside and they forgot to open it.

IMG_2042 IMG_2047 IMG_2043

Juan whats his audience to have their own interpretation. That is why he couldn’t really tell us what each piece was. he loves the wildlife, so that can explain why created the deer piece. It took a month to complete his pieces. He is majoring in sculpture. This is his last year at CSULB. He grew up in Visalia, which about three to four hours away. I been to Visalia before since I have family over there.

I enjoyed his exhibit because it showed pieces that were all different from one another. I also really liked the fact that Juan made himself approachable and he was very kind to the students who took interest in his work. I look forward to seeing more of his animal sculptures.

Visit his Facebook pageEmoticonIconX:https://www.facebook.com/JuanMartinArt?fref=nf

WEEK 9: Classmate Conversation- Steven Argueta

This week I got to meet another Steven.He is in his second year at CSULB. He is majoring ing math and plans to minor in film. He is 19 years old and lives in Long Beach. His hobbies are wrestling. This week question was “After visiting many galleries and seeing the art pieces, what is your favorite type(painting, sculpture,installation, performance art, art education,public art,social practice, New media,etc.) and why? He replied, “my favorite art that I’ve seen would be the sculptures,because these artists nothing into sculptures and that’s awesome”. He continued to give me an example of a piece he liked this week. He mention the artist in the gallery Gatov west where the artist turned glass bottles into art sculptures.


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WEEK 8: Activity- Mobile public art


Its time to review Somebody App.Let me start by saying this app was complicated to use. It might just be me, but I had no clue what was going on. I looked through the messages that were floating around and scrolled through many messages that needed to be delivered. I got to deliver one.

I just found it funny the messages my classmates were composing. In my opinion, I think snapchat is better because it is direct and easy to use. Instagram I feel like you can be creative because you can show images you took or your art work you did by hand or even videos you created. Periscope is more of broadcast in which you are the star of the show. All the apps we used previously were easier to use than the Somebody app. I honestly believe this app isn’t going to be popular. If i were to create my own app I would make it easy and simply to use. Maybe I’ll create video chat were you can just send videos chats to people you know. Instead of writing your message you can just say it. I don’t think I’ll be using this app at all, so I’ll end up deleting it from my phone. Like I said before TEAM Snapchat!0753

WEEK 8: Artist Conversation- Shannon Leith

IMG_2027The artist I got to converse with this week is Shannon Leith. Her work was displayed in the Gavtov East .Her exhibit was called “Goodbye Gluten”.

Since her display was in a small area, I felt like I could focus just on one piece instead of looking at various pieces. I saw a lot of bread images and desserts like cake. The colors reminded me of food like brown bread and a white frosted cake. Her materials were Gluten free photograph, gluten free slideshow, gluten free sounds and gluten free blanket. Leith wanted her viewers to interact with her work that is why she add the blanket, which had a huge bagel printed on it. Leith mention she wanted people to go in there and wrap themselves with the blanket to feel an odd sense of comfort while they looked at the slideshow.


Her concept was gluten free. She wanted to show her viewers how it is hard to give up something you love. In this case she loved gluten, but sadly isn’t able to eat anything with gluten in it because she is allergic. In her gallery she had a slideshow where she was showing pictures of her when she was little and was eating gluten foods. She wanted to make it seem as if you were going through break up and you would look back to your old photos with that person and just miss those moments.

IMG_2006 IMG_2008

She has many allergies besides gluten, but she decided to focus on gluten since it was a big part of her growing up. Leith mention “Gluten is in everything and it feels like a loss”. Leith saids she wants to teach photography at a college level and keep showing her work in galleries. Leith changed schools because she loves the professors at CSULB. How cool is that?EmoticonIconX

I really enjoyed her exhibit because it was my fist time seeing someone use food as their art. I just can’t believe she is allergic to so many foods.I don’t know how I would be able to handle that. I found it unique how she came up with the idea to use her allergies as an inspiration for her art piece. She is also one of the first artist that I conversed with who asked us what we thought her art work meant.

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WEEK 8: Classmate Conversation~Alexandra Mendoza

This week I got to talk to Alexandra. She is 20 and is majoring in communication.She is minoring recreation and leisure studies. It is her 3rd year at CSULB. Her favorite color is Blue, “because it reminds me of the sky i wish i knew how to fly”. She loves Motorcycles and extreme sports.I think it is cool that she works at Knott’s Berry Farm and at Honda Center as a security.She later on told me,”I love art because you can be yourself. The art from Shannon the artist reminded me of how eating clean is important and hard for all of us to stay away from gluten specially me that I love sweets and bread”.


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Week 7 Classmate Conversation: Steven Gonzalez

This week I got to talk to Steven. I have had Steven in my class last year for sociology, but we we never conversed until now. He is 19 and is in his second year at CSULB. He is majoring in sociology.. He has lived in Long Beach his whole like and currently lives in Bellflower. He likes hangout with his friends, watch movies, go out to drink and play soccer. This week question was if you were to dye your hair any color what would it be? He said he would dye it green because it seems like a fun to rock.snapchat-1964699001176998108-e1441243311559                                     Click his pic to visit his page0753

WEEK 7: Activity- Ephemeral art

This week’s activity involved Snapchat. I personally love using snapchat,so this was a fun activate for me. I usually only use snapchat with close friends,because I don’t like to give out my snapchat to people who I don’t know. I believe that snapchat is a way of staying updated with what your friends are doing. I took a picture of myself using the the new features on snapchat . I drew a medal on myself because I like to believe that I’m the number one snapchatter, which I doubt. I also took a picture of my dog with cookies and a glass of milk because who doesn’t love cookies. I love cookies and so does my dog. I usually buy my dog cookies from Petco. Snapchat,Instagram, and Perisocpe are similar because they are apps used to socialize with the world and connect out ideas. They are different, because we use them for different purposes. Snapchat is more about being silly and sharing life by the minute. Instagram is more of a profolio of your life and how you want people to see you. Periscope is about blogging about anything you like and connecting with your viewers who are watching you live. I preferred this app rather than periscope and Instagram, because it is so simple to use. Team snapchat!


I also drew this squirrel

IMG_1985 IMG_1987


Classmate snapchat pic

WEEK 7: Artrist Conversation – Jane Weibel

IMG_1948      In the Max L. Gatov Gallery West, the exhibition “The Extraordinarily Difficult and Impossible Tasks of: Recounting Fading and Altered Memories and Stabilizing Shifting Time”was displayed. This creative art was created by Jane Weibel.


IMG_1954 IMG_1953

When I first entered the gallery, I saw colorful plaices that resembled playful children. The way Weibel’s work was displayed looked like a playground. All these pastel colors gave off a sensation of welcoming and fun. The artist used many different shapes, such as circles, ovals, rectangles, etc. These shapes created a structure for her art pieces. Her art pieces are made out of ceramic and different fibers. It took about 2 months to created her exhibition pieces.

Weibel wanted her viewers to remember sometime in their childhood where they felt happy. Her exhibition was about childhood memories and the importance of holding on to those memories. She wants people to cherish their childhood memories. Weibel had a relative who past away from alzheimer and she saw how sad it is to lose all those precious memories of one’s past.

I really like the concept of Weibel display because it made me appreciate my childhood memories. Sometimes we are always focus on the present and the future that we tend forget about our memories. I also like the fact she include pictures of her as a child. This made her exhibition more relatable.

Follow her IG: https://instagram.com/janemargarette/instagramIcon_400x400

WEEK 6- Artist Conversation~Sery Kwon

image3    This week at the Max L. Gatov Gallery East, Sery Kwon paintings were displayed of the right side of the wall. The first thing I notice about the art on the walls was color. The reason why I chose to write about Kwon’s pieces was because the bright color she used in her paintings. I was immediately attracted  to the neon pink color in one of her paintings since pink is my favorite color.


In her paintings she used a lot of lines and squares to create the form of a geographic map. I notice there was a lot of splash marks and swirls. She used acrylic paint and rice paper to create her paintings. Her paintings are based on maps. Also her paintings were based off experiences, so she her viewers to feel how she felt at that moment.

 She is 23 and is majoring in drawing and painting. This is her last semester and still wants to continue painting and displaying her art at art shows. she is also looking forward to teaching her own class. Her favorite colors are coral and purple, because it makes her happy and she just loves how bright radiant they are. This is why she is inspired by saturated color.

When I first looked at her paintings I was amazed. I couldn’t make out a map out it,but my eyes were still caught from the colors. The colors made her work stand out. You could really tell how hard she worked on her paintings

Follow her: https://instagram.com/seryberry55/

Check out her website: http://serykwon.weebly.com/