WEEK 5- Artist Conversation~ Kiyomi Fucuy

IMG_1793         In the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, Kiyomi Fucui’s art was displayed on the walls.When I first entered the gallery I had no clue what was her art about. I realized that after conversing with her I got a better picture/idea about her art. This was the first time she displayed her art in public


           Fucui’s art displayed the reminisce of her tea parties. She used paper and cut out the shape of the table where she would be placing the tea for her tea parties. This paper she would use carrot juice and beet juice to get the color. Most of her table sheets were circles and there was one rectangle piece. As I was looking around she was preparing the tea. I was able to try the tea. It was delicious. especially if you put the sugar cubes she made with vanilla extract and lemon extract. Once I finished my tea I placed it back onto the table sheet leaving my mark of reminisce. The whole point of her art was to have conversations and drink tea meanwhile you leave marks of where you place your tea on the table. The marks of reminisce gave her art a sense of life.

          Fucui was inspired to do something more intimate. She wanted a place to share empathy and sympathy. Her idea began by having tea parties and sharing special moments and then she saw that the teas would leave marks of reminisce. She wants art and life to be together not separate.

          I felt like I was able to connect with art because I was able to particpate in one of her pieces. I really enjoyed the whole idea of reminisce. Luckily I was able to get the recipe of the yummy tea.

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