WEEK 5 – Activity ~ Ethnography

For this week assignment we had to spend a night in the dark. It sounds so simple to do, but in today’s generation it is so difficult to live without electricity. On September 25, I decided to spend a night without electricity for the first time ever in my life. Around 7pm I turned off all the lights in my house and stopped using my electronics. The only light that I had was coming from candles. I had 3  candles on in my room. Since it was so hot out during the day my room was still cooling down from the heat. The candles in my room weren’t helping the heat.  I felt like the night was longer because I didn’t have nothing to do.I’m usually always watching Netflix on my laptop or watching YouTube videos. I tried to read in the dark. I ended up falling asleep for like an hour and a half. I didn’t make it  through the whole night without the lights on because I had to take a shower and I just don’t like the idea of showering in the dark. My favorite time to take a shower is at night because it helps me comfortable when I sleep. Showering in the dark has been one of my fears because I feel like one day I am going to be showering and out of nowhere the power is going to go out. My mom liked the idea of not using electricity because it was a way to save money on the electrify bill.  The next morning I was so happy to use electricity again. YAY! For Electricity !


  • Where I chose to spend the night. 

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