WK3 : Conversation with the artist

IMG_1687       On Thursday we got to visit the SOA gallery at CSULB. Since It was my first time visiting the gallery I found it very entertaining and interesting. One of the galleries I walked into was the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. Within the Gallery, William Brigham’s work was displayed.

IMG_1689        His display showed many details of shapes and lines. The material he used to create these objects were copper, porcelain, clay and steel. His work was section off into three sections based off the materials. The objects that were made out of porcelain and clay were shaped like little plates and bowls. The small designs on the plates were created when the artist used two clays to form the structure of the object. I found it interesting that if you were to break the plate into pieces you would still be able to see the design inside. The design in not just showed above but also within. 


On the wall that said Mokume-gane were vessels displayed, which brought color into the gallery. To make these vessels he used a Japanese technique. The Japanese culture is more familiar with this technique than any other country.He mentioned that he is one of the few five people to practice this technique. That is why I find it very impressing how William is able to create these vessels. By creating these vessels he is exploring the Japanese culture.

IMG_1595(Copper used to make the Vessels) 

I found it inspirational how William used a technique that was challenging. After hearing his perspective and how he made these objects, I felt like in order to succeed in life we must put in hard work. I hope to see his work again sometime. He really show how much effort he put into his work. I wish the best in his career.

Visit : wbrigham@socal.rr.com

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