WK3 : Classmate Converstation

For my classmate conversation I got to meet Brianna Lopez. Brianna is also a sophomore like me and is majoring in Health care administration, like me. How funny. It seems like we can be alike. Besides the interests we found out about each other, we both have dogs who we really love. Maybe we can become dog park buddies. As we continued to talk we decided to talk about What is art? and what does it mean to us? Since we both like editing, we agreed that art is a way to express yourself in any format possible. For example you can express yourself in videos,photos,paintings,drawings,sculptures, fashion, etc. Art can make you think, wonder, inspire,and can make you feel some kind of emotion towards it. This how you can find a meaning within the art. Without art we would be living in a world of emptiness. Check out Brianna’s page.EmoticonIconX                                                                                           Click On Her Pic!

Brianna Lopez

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