Before Beginning this activity, I wasn’t sure how to do the activity. I decided to just try my best. Since I live in Long Beach, I decided to go to the beach in Long Beach. I arrived around 6:12pm, right when the sun was beginning to set. I began by digging a hole. Since I had no shovel, I used my hand and the stirring stick to dig. After digging the hole, I placed my hand in the center and used the wet sand to fully cover my hand. I put a lot of pressure on the sand, so the mold of my hand would stay in place. Gently I removed my hand.Next I began making the plaster mix until I assumed it was the right texture. I poured it into a plastic cup and gently poured it into the hole of my mold. After doing so I waited 30mins. When I began digging it out, people walking by looked surprised because they probably thought I was digging out a fossil. I even heard some kids pass by whispering “she found a fossil”. I personally like the result of my hand plaster. I liked the fact that my knuckles came out in detail on the plaster. Overall, I really enjoyed this activity.

Hand PlasterDSC_0606Me & Plaster

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