WEEK 5- Artist Conversation~ Kiyomi Fucuy

IMG_1793         In the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, Kiyomi Fucui’s art was displayed on the walls.When I first entered the gallery I had no clue what was her art about. I realized that after conversing with her I got a better picture/idea about her art. This was the first time she displayed her art in public


           Fucui’s art displayed the reminisce of her tea parties. She used paper and cut out the shape of the table where she would be placing the tea for her tea parties. This paper she would use carrot juice and beet juice to get the color. Most of her table sheets were circles and there was one rectangle piece. As I was looking around she was preparing the tea. I was able to try the tea. It was delicious. especially if you put the sugar cubes she made with vanilla extract and lemon extract. Once I finished my tea I placed it back onto the table sheet leaving my mark of reminisce. The whole point of her art was to have conversations and drink tea meanwhile you leave marks of where you place your tea on the table. The marks of reminisce gave her art a sense of life.

          Fucui was inspired to do something more intimate. She wanted a place to share empathy and sympathy. Her idea began by having tea parties and sharing special moments and then she saw that the teas would leave marks of reminisce. She wants art and life to be together not separate.

          I felt like I was able to connect with art because I was able to particpate in one of her pieces. I really enjoyed the whole idea of reminisce. Luckily I was able to get the recipe of the yummy tea.

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WEEK 5 – Activity ~ Ethnography

For this week assignment we had to spend a night in the dark. It sounds so simple to do, but in today’s generation it is so difficult to live without electricity. On September 25, I decided to spend a night without electricity for the first time ever in my life. Around 7pm I turned off all the lights in my house and stopped using my electronics. The only light that I had was coming from candles. I had 3  candles on in my room. Since it was so hot out during the day my room was still cooling down from the heat. The candles in my room weren’t helping the heat.  I felt like the night was longer because I didn’t have nothing to do.I’m usually always watching Netflix on my laptop or watching YouTube videos. I tried to read in the dark. I ended up falling asleep for like an hour and a half. I didn’t make it  through the whole night without the lights on because I had to take a shower and I just don’t like the idea of showering in the dark. My favorite time to take a shower is at night because it helps me comfortable when I sleep. Showering in the dark has been one of my fears because I feel like one day I am going to be showering and out of nowhere the power is going to go out. My mom liked the idea of not using electricity because it was a way to save money on the electrify bill.  The next morning I was so happy to use electricity again. YAY! For Electricity !


  • Where I chose to spend the night. 

WEEK 5 -Classmate conversation~ Genesis Jacobo

This week I got to talk to Genesis Jacobo. She is in her second year at CSULB and is 19 years old. She is majoring in pre-kinesiology. Also a fun fact about her is that she like to play video games. This week’s question was What are we swimming in? She mention that she swims in school and social life. Sometimes she has to juggle her time between school,friends, and family. At times she has to choose whether or not she should go out with her friend or stay home and do homework. She has become accustom to juggling her time


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WK 4 Classmate Convo

Vanessa Marquez
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This week I got to meet Vanessa. She is in her second year at CSULB. She is majoring in social work. This weeks question was does art matter? Me and Vanessa agreed that it matters because it brings color to the world. As she mention, it enhances the creativity hidden inside. She also mentioned that we need to learn to appreciate art more and make something meaningful happen. As we talked she said that if art didn’t exist we wouldn’t have cartoon shows like spongebob as we were growing up. Art is a powerful tool in life.

WK4 David De Mendoza Convo

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In the Gatov West Gallery was a show called “Disquieting”. I was surprised and amazed by the paintings hanged around the wall. The mythical creatures portrayed in the paintings were horrifying,but very cool at the same time. David De Mendoza showed his passion for horror stuff. This gallery was based off the concept of fears.


Within the paintings were many mixture of colors that popped out and caught the attention of my eyes. He used oil paint to create these images. Before he  created these masterpieces he sketch them out of paper. These sketches were drawings he made about two years ago. He used many human figures in this paintings and  deformed them into creatures. My favorite was the painting called “Deadlight”. In this painting there is a lot going on. There is a clown that has a spider as its body and and alien figure attached to it’s head. This painting represented my fears which are spiders, clowns, and aliens.


These paintings were about fears and nightmares. He wanted his viewers to have a natural reaction to his paintings . He didn’t have a specific way he wanted his viewers to react.I feel like he is explore his comfort zone as he mentioned before. He was inspired by horror films when creating these illustrations. The illustrates were forms of him expressing his appreciation for horror films.

I really enjoyed this gallery because it really got me excited for halloween. . These paintings looked fun to create and challenging to create. This gallery showed me that art can be pretty, ugly, and even scary.

WK4 Painting

This week’s project was more of a creative project where we got to have fun with colors. After watching a couple of videos on youtube, I thought it wouldn’t be as hard as I thought it would be. I was wrong. Those who do graffiti in the streets make it look so easy but it actually takes skills. I found it pretty difficult to print my name on the wood because it was my first time using spray paint. Before I started I practiced on paper how I wanted to draw my name. Overall I think it came out alright. It is still something I want to hang in my room. Next time I see graffiti in the street I’m going to think about this project and how it takes real skills to do.

IMG_1740 IMG_1758

WK3 : Conversation with the artist

IMG_1687       On Thursday we got to visit the SOA gallery at CSULB. Since It was my first time visiting the gallery I found it very entertaining and interesting. One of the galleries I walked into was the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. Within the Gallery, William Brigham’s work was displayed.

IMG_1689        His display showed many details of shapes and lines. The material he used to create these objects were copper, porcelain, clay and steel. His work was section off into three sections based off the materials. The objects that were made out of porcelain and clay were shaped like little plates and bowls. The small designs on the plates were created when the artist used two clays to form the structure of the object. I found it interesting that if you were to break the plate into pieces you would still be able to see the design inside. The design in not just showed above but also within. 


On the wall that said Mokume-gane were vessels displayed, which brought color into the gallery. To make these vessels he used a Japanese technique. The Japanese culture is more familiar with this technique than any other country.He mentioned that he is one of the few five people to practice this technique. That is why I find it very impressing how William is able to create these vessels. By creating these vessels he is exploring the Japanese culture.

IMG_1595(Copper used to make the Vessels) 

I found it inspirational how William used a technique that was challenging. After hearing his perspective and how he made these objects, I felt like in order to succeed in life we must put in hard work. I hope to see his work again sometime. He really show how much effort he put into his work. I wish the best in his career.

Visit : wbrigham@socal.rr.com

WK3 : Classmate Converstation

For my classmate conversation I got to meet Brianna Lopez. Brianna is also a sophomore like me and is majoring in Health care administration, like me. How funny. It seems like we can be alike. Besides the interests we found out about each other, we both have dogs who we really love. Maybe we can become dog park buddies. As we continued to talk we decided to talk about What is art? and what does it mean to us? Since we both like editing, we agreed that art is a way to express yourself in any format possible. For example you can express yourself in videos,photos,paintings,drawings,sculptures, fashion, etc. Art can make you think, wonder, inspire,and can make you feel some kind of emotion towards it. This how you can find a meaning within the art. Without art we would be living in a world of emptiness. Check out Brianna’s page.EmoticonIconX                                                                                           Click On Her Pic!

Brianna Lopez

WK3: Social Photography

On Instagram Day I made a new account for Art110 class. I decided to post Pics mostly about what was I up to during the time I posted the pics. That way you can get to know me a little. After 24hrs, I checked back at the hashtag #art110f15 to see the rest of my classmates posts. I found it pretty interesting. A lot of my classmates posted something related to the hot weather that day.This was a connection throughout the pictures. I feel like this Instagram day was more of a community of some sort because of how we could relate to pics.  I really like to see people post stuff about their dogs and show how much they love them.

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Before Beginning this activity, I wasn’t sure how to do the activity. I decided to just try my best. Since I live in Long Beach, I decided to go to the beach in Long Beach. I arrived around 6:12pm, right when the sun was beginning to set. I began by digging a hole. Since I had no shovel, I used my hand and the stirring stick to dig. After digging the hole, I placed my hand in the center and used the wet sand to fully cover my hand. I put a lot of pressure on the sand, so the mold of my hand would stay in place. Gently I removed my hand.Next I began making the plaster mix until I assumed it was the right texture. I poured it into a plastic cup and gently poured it into the hole of my mold. After doing so I waited 30mins. When I began digging it out, people walking by looked surprised because they probably thought I was digging out a fossil. I even heard some kids pass by whispering “she found a fossil”. I personally like the result of my hand plaster. I liked the fact that my knuckles came out in detail on the plaster. Overall, I really enjoyed this activity.

Hand PlasterDSC_0606Me & Plaster